Club Team

Freddy Lightworker (F.Nouroullaev) | CEO and Executive secretary of the Council of the Force of Light Club

Welcome to the Force of Light Intergalactic Club of Fine Arts and Leisure – the Club dedicated to achievement the beautiful Goal – to unite the Positiveness of one thousand the most respectful Families and Individuals of our beautiful Planet , our wonderful Solar System and our Gourgeous Milky Way Galaxy !


( Freddy is a Dutch Citizen born 23/02/67 in Baku, raised by Christian mother, has a diploma of Lecturer of General Philosophy of State University and for about 15 years was disciple of Taoist Monk. Hobbies – Yoga , tennis, Meditation and Si Fi. He opened his first Private Club in the age of 29 – Family City Club Monolith. Since that moment polished his professional skills in Private Club Management for about 20 years as a Private Club owner, Private Club CEO and as a Vice Chairman of Club Management Corporation – CCA Europe – part of CCA international . Close friendship and partnership with amazing and talented individual Chairman of CCA International Dieter Klostermann and mentorship of genius Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich was an absolutely important parts of that “Clubby” training)

Patrick Sweeney | (Former US Marine officer). Member of the Club Executive Council , Head of Security of the Force of Light Club.

Michael Longshaw | (CEO of International Golf and Resort Management Company). Member of the Club Executive Council, Managing Director of the Force of Light Club.